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Sister Don’t Leave Me: an original musical

This is how the Crisman kids deal with the boredom of a day of doctor’s offices.  And it doesn’t matter if strangers pass by; they just become “extras.”


Revival at Olivet//the von Crisman family singers

I haven’t had the time to report on our revival experience last week.  It was a great time of worship, exploring the Word, and hanging with some old friends.  I’ll try to report a little at a time.

While we were there, our three oldest kids sang in one of the services.  Emma sang her first solo and Brotey sang in public for the first time.  Victoria also sang a solo that she previously sang in our children’s musical.  Here are the clips:

Emma’s first solo (she was supposed to sing it in the children’s musical but her tonsillectomy prevented it):

Victoria’s solo in the children’s musical:

The kids singing at the revival:

I am so proud of them.