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Sister Don’t Leave Me: an original musical

This is how the Crisman kids deal with the boredom of a day of doctor’s offices.  And it doesn’t matter if strangers pass by; they just become “extras.”


mr. mom//day 9

Yeah, I’m writing this Monday morning.  Yesterday was the hardest day so far.  I think everyone is feeling the absence of Sonya with increasing intensity.

I am really struggling not leading worship right now.  How can I not sing to my God?  That’s what He created me to do.  I am trusting Him with my voice.  He’s knows what’s up.

Kate and Ellie woke up from their naps in bad moods.  I mean bad moods.  Then I was glad I wasn’t leading worship  because we didn’t make it before the service started!  They were so tired and hungry on the way home and we were out of diapers.  So thankful that Taco Bell is on the way to Schnuck’s.

It’s 5 days until Saturday.  I miss my best friend and my mate.

But there were some bright moments in the day.  Kate after the morning service:




Brotey enjoying chocolate milk at our friends house:


Lunch with friends, complete with magic tricks and balloon animals.  And, of course, a call from Sonya.

I was so good to hear her voice.  They started the camp yesterday and their most intense week of ministry.  175 kids, 24/7 until the day they leave, which is this coming Friday!!!  Pray for Holly Johnson, a friend of ours not the trip.  She is sick with a stomach virus or a parasite.  Sonya is taking care of her as well as a really good doctor.  She has medicine and is getting better.  But, like I said, this is a really intense week.  Pray for healing, pray for strength, pray for stamina, and above all, pray for God to move.

Can’t wait to hear about all that God does.



mr. mom//days 4-8

First of all, let me apologize for the large pictures.  I was uploading them from my phone.

The days are running together now.  Wednesday is always a long day.  This Wednesday started with an hour of dropping kids off.  I never imagined it would take me that long!  But there is so much to do.  And I am so thankful all of our friends who are helping with the kids.  And the food!  We have no lack.  Thank you all.

At the end of Wednesday, our preschool minister took Ellie and Kate home with her.  They put Ellie’s hair in pig tails:



When they got home, her husband told Ellie that they don’t run in the house.  She said, “seriously?”

Thursday, one of our college student friends kept the kids at home.  They baked cupcakes!


That night, Kate prayed that Sonya would get home safely and that I would be able to drink coffee.  What a sweetie.

Friday is my day off so it’s the day to get things done.  Like getting Brotey fitted for his tux in an upcoming wedding and shopping.  He was really into it.










That night we had creative quesadilla night.  We put the left over ingredients from the pizza night into quesadillas.  They were pretty good.



Victoria really pushed the envelope by making pasta and creating a cheesy pasta taco.  She hopes to have a cooking show someday called “Better Than Yuck.”




Then we watched movies in the basement and camped out down there.

This morning I made chocolate chip pancakes.


Everyone except Kate thought they were great. I’m just glad that I didn’t burn any.

I put peanut butter, syrup, and chocolate syrup on mine.


Then, Ellie did her own makeup.



Everyone is doing well, but we really miss Sonya.  We’ve heard from her several times.  They start the children’s camp tomorrow.  So, please pray for strength, stamina, and health for the team.  They’ve already met some of the kids and built some relationships.  It is going to be a great week.  Pray for God to move in the lives of many.  The fields are white for the harvest.


Mr. Mom – Days 2, 3 and 4//Kate report

There is so much going on right now. It’s hard to describe it all. Sonya’s gone. I’m on vocal rest. Kate possibly has arthritis. And, Monday was my birthday. So, summing it up is difficult. Here are some highlights:

Day 2

Ellie is “calling” Sonya a lot on her play phone. And she also asks, “Where’s mommy?” all the time. We say, “Africa” and she says “Oh.”

We’ve been blessed with some amazing friends who are helping so much this week. Each Saturday night the kids are staying with someone who then brings them to church on Sunday. Keeps them from having to get there so early with me and me from having to get them ready before the break of dawn! That made Sunday so much easier. Again, we are so blessed. We did discover, though, that Ellie can now climb out of her pack-n-play. Not sure what to do about that.

We ate at some friend’s house for lunch yesterday. While there, we told Ellie that she couldn’t jump on the exercise trampoline without shoes. So she walked right over to the fridge, grabbed a magnet shaped like a flipflop and tried to put it on. When it didn’t fit, she said, “It doesn’t fit.” and went about her business.

Day 3

Then, last night was crazy with Ellie. She was up forever and climbed out of her crib for the first time. Really not sure what to do about that. Any suggestions?

Today, we had Kate’s first rheumatology visit. The appointment was a 9am in St. Louis. We had to be there at 8:30. It’s 2 hours away. Once again, a precious soul took Ellie at 6:30. The rest of us headed up for the visit. The visit went well. It will still take another three weeks to diagnose her symptoms as arthritis, but if that’s what it is and it stays in the one knee, that will be a blessing. Much easier to treat.


I was reminded again of how bad I am at this Mr. Mom thing when Kate asked if we had any snacks on the trip. Of course we had no snacks. Mommy packs those!

After the visit we went to the science center and hung out for my birthday. We had a blast. It was so special.




I don’t guess I’ve ever gotten to spend time like that with our four older ones. In the middle of it all, we went to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. They treated me so special. They even snuck around and told the waitress that it was my birthday. Of course I could see what they were doing which made it all the more fun. They brought me the Ghirardelli chocolate cake. It was amazing! The cake is in a bowl and comes with a little bowl of chocolate dipping sauce and a blob of whipped cream with toffy and chocolate bits in it. A-ma-zing. It looks a little something like this:


But the best part of that day: Sonya called. I can’t tell you how incredible it felt to talk to her. I miss her so much. But I am so glad that she is there doing what she is doing. That God is going to use her the way He is. Still, I’m counting the days until she returns.

At the end of the day, they put four candles in a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday to me. It was a very special version.


All in all, it was a great day. A very special birthday. Only thing that would have made it better? Sonya here, of course!

Day 4

Everyone slept good through night so I felt a little better. Sarah Dodge kept the kids at the house and they all had a blast. While she was there she made homemade pizza for our dinner! It rocked! I mean really. It was good. The older kids went swimming with some friends while Ellie and I spent some one-on-one time. It was really nice. We sang “Ring Around the Rosie” and hit the ground more times than I care to remember. But her laugh and the phrase “Do it again, Daddy!” are all worth it.


Still, counting the days until August 6.




what a difference a year makes

Here are our oldest girls ready for their first camp experience.

Last year, they were scheduled to go with our former church, but God’s plans for us didn’t allow it.  We would be moving that week.  In fact, there was a lot going on this time last year.  It was on Memorial Day weekend that we told our kids our suspicion that God was going to move us.  The following weekend God confirmed it in a visit.  So, this time last year we had just returned from a visit to Cape Girardeau where God confirmed His will to us.  We were trying to figure out how all of this would work.  Putting our house on the market.  Planning a weekend “in view of a call.”  Arranging a move before school started.  Hugging our friends.  And hugging our kids.

This would be the hardest move we’d made yet.  We’d lived in Gadsden for seven years.  Two of our kids were born there.  The others hardly remembered any other place if they remembered anything at all.  They had best friends, were comfortable with their school.  They loved our house and of course, the pool!  There were many questions.

So, we followed God’s will and began our “great adventure” towards Missouri.  God worked in wonderful ways to show us His love and help our move.  But the kids struggled.  They knew we had to go, but they didn’t want to.  They made friends quickly but missed their old ones terribly.  When they spoke of “home,” they meant Alabama.  When Brotey and Emma sung the Alma Schrader Elementary School song in an assembly, they omitted the line, “Alma Schrader my favorite school.”

In the few trips we’ve taken back to Alabama, they cheered when we crossed over into the “Heart of Dixie” but didn’t really make a sound when coming back into the “Show Me” state.  Until yesterday.

Yesterday was different.  It was the typical 12.5 hour journey from Destin, through Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  But, when we hit the Missouri state line, something different happened.  Our kids cheered!  Cheered I said.  We knew it would take some time for them to begin to appreciate our new home but it is finally happening.  Praise God.  Now they have best friends in two states.  Friends they can’t wait to see it Alabama and friends they can’t wait to see in Missouri.  They love our house and our new church.  They still have some mixed emotions, we all do.  But Cape is becoming our home.  Lynwood is becoming our family.  And our kids are smiling.  So, we smile.

Following God’s will is one crazy adventure.  It isn’t always easy, but it is always the best.  Chase it.

Oh, and Kate was ready for camp too.  But she’s still got a few years to go.

Thanks for praying.


and Christmas came early

2010 has been a big year in many ways.  New home.  New church.  New schools.  New friends.  Wonderful and hard all at the same time.  So this Christmas needed to be a little special.  One trip to the Humane Society makes all the difference:

Merry Christmas!


unexpected gifts

It has been so hard to blog this year.  As an open book, it’s hard to write when I can’t bare all of my heart and soul.  I hope that as this move progresses and we settle in that I can return to regular blogging.

There are so many emotions right now.  Excitement.  Sadness.  Expectation.  Nervousness.  Anticipation.  Roller coaster doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings we have now.  But one thing is for sure, we know we are in God’s will.  He continues to make it so clear.  Even in our kids.

We involved them in the process of seeking God’s will right after we sensed He was moving in this direction.  We want them to learn to seek Him and His will and learn to obey Him even when it’s hard.  And to His praise, they are learning.  Just two nights ago, our oldest confirmed that even though she is struggling with moving, she knows that God wants us to and we must obey.  And they are seeing Him move in their fears and worries.  One of their biggest worries is making friends.  From our first visit God began to form special friendships with kids from Cape especially with one family.  Yesterday our kids got special letters with gifts from that family.

Personal letters and necklaces that say “BFF” for the girls and a crazy band for Brotey.  Those gifts and letters meant the world to them.

Our kids are learning to step out in faith and seeing God move for them as He moves for His glory.

This is a crazy journey.  But there is no better place to be than right in the middle of God’s will.