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just like me, taking God’s job

I woke up early this morning.  Long before the alarm went off.  My mind swirling with all the many things I need to do today as I return to the office.  Fretting over the planning I’ve not done.  Stressed about the To-Do list that keeps growing.  Services to plan.  Sundays.  Easter.  4th of July.  Christmas 2011.  Yes, even as far as Christmas.  Then God spoke.  The conversation went a little something like this:

God: “Why are you doing my job?”

Me: “What job?  What are you talking about?”

God: “Being Lord of your life.”

Me: “Oh, that one.  I guess I did it again.  I took over.”

God: “That’s my job.  Let me rule.  Let me reign.  Let me direct.  Let me remove the pride.  The fear.  The anxiety.  Let me have control.  I know what’s best.”

Me: “It’s all yours.  I don’t want it anymore.  Take it.  Take me.  Take it all.  It’s all yours!!!”

A simple conversation that made a huge difference.  I still couldn’t sleep.  But now it was because I was pumped.  Pumped about the day.  Pumped about the year.  Pumped to hit my knees and get into the Word.

But still I ask, why do I do that so often?  So quickly?  I take over and the result is always the same.  I end up in fear and anxiety.

To refocus me, God took me back to Romans 10:9.  It starts at salvation, confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.  It’s not just lip service.  It’s a real confession.  An acknowledgement of the truth.  When we confess Him as Lord it is a life change.  A submission.  A surrender.  We submit to Him as Lord.  Lord of our lives.  Lord of all.  Lord of salvation.  Lord of our hearts.

Then, I made a commitment. 1 Peter 3:15a:

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord.

Before fear.  Before anxiety.  Before persecution (the context of this verse).  Before breathing.  Before my heart beats of the first time each day.  Before anything, I’m setting aside Christ Jesus as Lord.  Lord of my life.  Lord of my heart.  Lord of my family.  Lord of the Crisman house.  Lord of the ministry at Lynwood.  Lord of everything.

And now Lord, I’m listening…