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Broken Praise

Rarely does a song move me to tears.  This one does.  Broken Praise by Todd Smith on the album Music Inspired by The Story.  It is sung from Job’s perspective but if you know the life of Todd and Angie Smith it takes on an even deeper meaning.  They have lost several children.  Two were miscarriages and one died shortly after birth.  So with that in mind…

If their story strikes a chord in your life you can buy Angie’s book here.



can I ask you to pray?

For just over two years now, Sonya has had back pain.  It started as just a little dull pain.  As it began to ramp up there was little we could do because she was expecting Ellie.  It was a hard pregnancy.  Over the last year or so the pain has spread down her leg and sometimes reaches the bottom of her left foot.  She’s had MRIs, physical therapy, epidurals, more MRIs, a nerve conduction study, and a shot in the back side.  Nothing has given her any relief.  I’m writing this today because yesterday was particularly bad.

Most of the time, you wouldn’t know she has a problem.  Like the picture above, she smiles, works, serves, and parents through pain with love and devotion.  But sometimes she has a hard time even getting out of a chair and walking.

Please pray.  Pray for healing.  Pray for answers.  Pray for wisdom.  Please pray.