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Spring Break 2010//relationships

Man, what a great week it was.  There were many hours on the road, which was not good for Sonya’s back.  But while we were there, the time was sweet.  I think the things I value most are changing as I get older.  I used to measure each trip/vacation by the rides and the thrills.  Now I look forward to the relationships.  Here’s what meant the most to me last week:

  • Trips to Panera: not only because we don’t have one here in Gadsden, but because of time with Sonya and our friends.  Thanks for the time Annette.  Thank you for listening and sharing your heart.  Thank you Jonathan and Carrie, for giving your time and laughing and cutting up.  Thank you Tony and Maxine for watching the kids while I got away with my wife.  I needed that time with my best friend.

Sonya and Annette

    Me and Jonathan – please notice the matching sunglasses (just purchased at Ross)

    Sonya and Carrie – and Panera

    • Shooting the BB pistol with Brotey and Papa: Brotey’s first lessons in firearm safety.  He hit the Purex bottle many times.  He also pointed the gun at us several times but he’ll learn.
    • The Wednesday trip to Urgent Care with Victoria’s toe.

    • Thursday at the park: spinning the kids so fast on the merry-go-round that some parents got nervous while Sonya reconnected with an old friend.  Now our kids are good friends with her kids.  A great friendship now extending to the second generation.
    • Friday night, very tired, ready for bed, talking with my two oldest girls: I really just sat and listened.  They talked for about an hour and a half.  Oh my body wanted to fall asleep but I wanted to sit all night.  I can’t remember all of it, but what I do remember is that they talked to me.  Me.  I hope they always do that.
    • Family who will drive 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours to visit: thanks guys, it was great to see you all.
    • The final stop at Krispy Kreme for the Hot Donuts Now.

      Yeah, I’m getting all sappy.  Better hang up now.