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sometimes, kids are weird

Don’t believe me?  Check out Kate’s sleeping habits.

First of all, notice that though we bought her a nice, new “big girl” bed she prefers to sleep on the floor.  She calls the mattress on the floor her “air bed.”


Notice how peaceful she looks at she uses her mattress as a pillow.


Sometimes, even though we put her to bed in her bed, we wake to find her like this:


I know there are many things we don’t have to teach our children.  How to lie.  How to say “no.”  But I thought the “getting the information from a book through osmosis” would definitely be something they would have to be taught.  I was wrong.


Don’t worry, she’s not alone.  Brotey now likes to sleep on the floor.  And although Emma and Victoria have separate twin beds, they like to sleep in one together.  I’m surprised no one has been kicked out in the middle of the night yet!

Kids are weird.  They are all unique.  And I love it that way.