Why we love our house

Because it is a home to many.  We didn’t look for a house with a pool but God gave us one.  So we want to use it for his glory.  We want to use it to bring people together.  We want to use it to minister to others.  We have since had several people over (from in and out of town) that just needed to chill by the pool for awhile.  No conversation.  No pressure.  Just chillin’.

July 4, 2008, we had tons of family over.  Just relaxing and having a good time.  Everyone got in the pool, even the grandparents.  The next day, 40+ people from our Sunday School Class came over for a party.  People let go of their inhibitions and self-consciousness and had a great time.

This past weekend, our good friends, the Ragsdales, from Indianapolis stayed the weekend with us.  We hung out by the pool all weekend.  Madison learned to dive which led to Emma doing the same.  It was a great weekend.  Jason and Kristi, Madison and Mariah (twin girls born just 10 days before Emma) are great friends.

We love our home.  Thank you, God.



2 responses to “Why we love our house

  • Kristi

    We loved your house too! It’s great you can give God the glory for it! The pool was definitely the highlight and so relaxing for us!

  • Peter

    Dude…why can’t we live closer? I really miss getting to talk to you! Sometimes, the phone just won’t do!

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