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Sunday @ the Brook

Sonya is finally over the flu!  She’s still suffering from some weakness but the fever and achiness is gone.  Can’t wait to worship with the body tomorrow.  Here’s the set list:

To the King

O For a Thousand Tongues

For All You’ve Done

Jesus is the Lord

Breathe On Me (choir)

See you there.


making the list – twice

Well, we made the list.  What list you say?  This one:

Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly

You can look at the whole list if you want but to save you some time, here is number 5:

5. Music Ministry Director

Median pay: $40,800
% who say their job is stressful: 67%

You may not think of people who plan, direct and conduct performances for religious services as being under a particularly high amount of stress. But they also choose the appropriate psalm or hymn for every wedding and funeral — only some of the most important events in a family’s life. And those stressful situations can create some demanding clients.

“Every now and then you’ll get a strange request,” said Dan Fenn, Music Ministry Director at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Northfield, Minn. “A couple of years ago I got a request to play the Beer Barrel Polka at a funeral. You have to ask yourself, is this appropriate for a worship service?”

And number 10:

10. Minister

Median pay: $45,300
% who say their job is stressful: 71%

They may answer to a higher calling, but all that spirituality does not come stress free. It’s a lot of responsibility being an authority on morality. Leading religious worship every week and providing spiritual and moral guidance can be a heavy cross to bear for those in the ministry.

“People who are deathly sick, people with substance abuse problems, things of that nature, that can be emotionally draining,” said Father Dan Skvir of Princeton, N.J. “I’ve had calls at 2 or 3 in the morning to come and attend to someone, people in imminent danger of death.”

Let me quickly say that I do not feel that I am in the paid badly category.  Stressful, yes, but the Lord and our church take great care of our needs.  But I do think this article is a little humorous.  It’s funny because of the worldly perspective.  The use of word “clients” cracks me up.  I’ve never referred to anyone as a client.  And the things they talk about really aren’t the most stressful parts of the job (calling).  Maybe they got closer with the Minister but it’s really not that stressful to help someone plan a funeral.  You’ll do anything for them at that point (well, maybe not the Beer Barrel Polka!).  Weddings can be tough but, really, it’s not the most stressful part.

The burden we have for our people to seek God is huge, especially when we still see so many pursuing the world.  And there are so many people to invest in.  Where do you start?  There are so many people with real needs.  Then, there’s the budget.  Let’s not discuss that one right now, but we do want to spend God’s money with extreme caution making sure every dollar is spent according to His will.  There are so many dimensions to being a Pastor (Senior or Worship) that it’s really difficult to even explain.  And if I tried anymore, I fear that I might just sound whinny.

Please don’t think I’m complaining or hinting at anything.  Though it’s very stressful, it is an extreme honor to serve our Lord in full time ministry.  It is an honor to serve at MeadowBrook.  Just thought that the worldly view of the ministry was funny.  They have no clue.


a new part of the routine//glad it’s temporary

It’s the afternoon Tamiflu pudding snack.  As we’ve discovered, the Tamiflu capsule stuff mixes best in chocolate pudding.  Not yogurt.  Not applesauce.  Chocolate pudding.

This has been a hard week.  I don’t know how Sonya does all that she does each day.  She is awesome.  Please pray that she gets better soon and that no one else gets it.  If that happens, it will be a miracle.  Thanks.


oink oink

I have really been a bad blogger lately.  So many things going on.  So many things in my head.  Now, the flu.  Sonya has the flu.  No fever today, please pray that it stays gone!  Lot’s of Tamiflu begin consumed.  It’s our dietary mainstay right now.

Thanks for the prayers.


do what?

Just looked up directions on Google Maps.  This is what it read.  Make sure you pay special attention to numbers 3, 4, and 5.

Screen shot 2009-11-13 at 2.26.05 PM

A “U-turn.”  Really?  Ramsey is a dead end street.  But make sure you take it.  And make doubly sure you make the U-turn.  It’s not so good if you don’t.

Thanks Google.  You’ve been a great help.


I danced with Cinderella






It was just a quick lunch at home on a busy day.  But you can’t pass up any of those opportunities.  Ever.


11.15.09 @ MeadowBrook

We’re gonna pull out of Luke for one week.  We will focus on the cross and the ultimate act of compassion shown there.  We will be challenged to act in compassion.  We will also share the Lord’s Supper.  We will sing:

You Are Good


I Need Thee Every Hour

Made Me Glad

Forevermore (choir)

I Will Sing of My Redeemer (with You Set Me Free)

Grace Flows Down

It is going to be a great day.  Should be very challenging and meaningful.  Come Holy Spirit!  Make us what we are supposed to be.  Amen.